Loire, France

La Grapperie

Aphrodite 2019


Aphrodite 2019
Loire, France

A selection of Chenin Blanc from his oldest vines, which are up to a hundred years of age. The grapes are pressed straight to barrels for fermentation before two years of élevage in ancient caves of tuffeau hidden in the hills outside his village. The gentle ageing has rendered a wine of impeccable balance and poise. Heady with baked apple, minerals and spice, it has a long, lingering line of acidity that offers balance and brings refreshment in spades.

Chenin Blanc


Renaud Guettier is based in the village of Bueil-en-Touraine in the Coteaux-du-Loir, an area which is undoubtedly one of the Loire’s great terroirs.

Renaud trained as an agronomist specialising in plant physiology and in 2004 purchased half a hectare of old vines from his stepfather. Over the past decade he has acquired old parcels of Chenin Blanc and Pineau d’Aunis bit by bit and now farms a few dozen plots across five hectares, with an average vine age of eighty years.

The terroir is a combination of clay, flint and limestone and farming is meticulous, done organically, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Grapes are hand picked and brought to his cave in a former quarry dug into the limestone cliffs where they are fermented, pressed manually and fed by gravity to the cellar below. There they see a year or two of élevage resting in old wooden casks, something Renaud considers vital when producing wines as he does, without anything added at any stage.

Renaud produces wines of uncommon power, balance and detail that possess a remarkable ability to age.