Alsace, France

Lambert Spielmann

Chien Noir Chat Blanc 2021


Chien Noir Chat Blanc 2021
Alsace, France

A new one for Lambert, this highly original rosé-of-sorts comes from a direct press of Auxerrois from forty year old vines planted over a clay, in which the skins of Pinot Noir are infused for a week before pressing off to vat for a a short rest. Brilliant, cranberry-red in the glass, there is a pleasant density and refreshing tartness to the fruit here, offering energy and refreshment in spades.

Pinot Noir, Auxerrois


Unlike many in Alsace, Lambert Spielmann wasn’t born into a family of vignerons and has done things the hard way.

After spending much of his twenties travelling, playing in bands and looking after the elderdly and disabled in the social sector, he returned to the region he calls home to explore his love of wine. Having spent several years working alongside others, Lambert now farms two and a half hectares of vines split over small parcels and various terroirs in and around the village of Epfig.

The vineyards have been certified organic for over two decades and he tends them by hand, following the biodynamic calendar and principles. Recently Lambert has begun planting more trees amongst the vines, to offer shade, diversity and fruit from which he hopes to make cider.

Lambert makes his wines in a makeshift cellar in the village and from these humble surroundings he displays a real lightness of touch. Pressing is done softly and slowly with an old vertical press and he macerates the grapes gently, to create infusions. Movement is by gravity and the wines are bottled unfiltered with no additions.

Lambert’s wines are strikingly pure, textured and perfumed. Even in a region as storied as Alsace, they offer a breath of fresh air and we are very proud to be working with this talented young vigneron.