Auvergne, France

Benoit Rosenberger

Désalterofilles 2020


Désalterofilles 2020
Auvergne, France

A wonderful rosé pétillant naturel made from an old parcel of Gamay d’Auvergne in Saint-Maurice planted over clay and basalt. Pressed directly to cuve, the wine finished fermentation in bottle and was disgorged in March 2021. A vivid raspberry in the glass, it is bone dry and whistle clean, the neat bubbles carrying delicate notes of red fruits and minerals, making for a wonderfully complex apéritif.



From a tiny cellar in the village of Saint-Maurice-ès-Allier in Auvergne, Benoit Rosenberger has made a name for himself as one to watch in this most exciting of regions.

Born in Sancerre, Benoit initially worked as a computer programmer and at a large Champagne house, an experience that left him disenchanted with wine. However, a move to the Auvergne and chance meetings with local vignerons such as his good friend Frédéric Gounan convinced him to start over again, this time doing things the only way that felt right.

Benoit farms just three hectares of Gamay d’Auvergne from 50-80 year old vines split across small parcels on rolling hills some 350-500 metres above sea level. The vines are tended by hand and Benoit eschews even the use of copper and sulphur, instead using teas and infusions such as dandelion, nettle and pine to care for the plants. The soil is predominantly basalt, which along with volcanic sand and granite, makes for coarse, fragrant wines that shimmer with life.

In the cellar, Benoit is uncompromising in his approach. There are no additions made at any stage and the wines are only bottled after a proper élevage. Although he remains laid back, humble and full of charm, his wines are amongst the most thrilling and compelling we have found.