Sicily, Italy

Gabrio And Giotto Bini

Serragghia Fanino 2022



Serragghia Fanino 2022
Sicily, Italy

A roughly equal blend of Catarratto and Pignatello grapes which spend seven months on skins in terracotta amphorae buried in the vineyard, before being bottled with no additions. A beautiful shade of cherry in the glass, this really glides across the palate, offering gorgeous notes of blood orange, minerals and spice, making for something truly one of a kind.

Catarratto, Pignatello


The Serragghia farm can be found on the wild and windswept isle of Pantelleria, which belongs to Sicily, but in reality it is much closer to Africa.

At the foot of an ancient volcano, it occupies a dreamlike landscape, where remote terraces are planted with caper bushes, citrus groves and old bush vines of fascinating local varieties. Occupying some of the island’s highest points, the vines are cooled by a constant breeze which keeps temperatures surprisingly moderate, even in the height of summer, lending the wines an airy freshness, whilst the close proximity to the sea and volcanic soils imbue an invigorating, uplifting quality.

The several hectares of vineyards are never treated and are tended by hand and horse. Grapes are handpicked and left to ferment long and slowly in terracotta amphorae of various ages and sizes which are buried amongst the vines. They are bottled unfiltered, with no additions, producing vibrant, uplifting wines which are truly one of a kind.

Pantelleria is a place with a rare energy, captured so brilliantly in these remarkable wines.