Loire, France

Thierry Hesnault

La Centenaire du Vauperroux 2020


La Centenaire du Vauperroux 2020
Loire, France

We are thrilled to have secured another case of Thierry’s iconic Pineau d’Aunis. This comes from a one hundred and thirty year old vineyard planted on original roots over sand, silex and iron in the Sarthe. The grapes were fermented on the skins for three weeks and aged in old barrels for eighteen months. This warmer vintage has produced a deeper expression of site. Compact and elegant, it is defined by dark, brambly fruit, exotic spice and a complex, woodsy character that adds layers of intrigue. Remarkable now, it will truly reward those who wait.

Pineau d’Aunis


One particularly drab January night we met Thierry Hesnault, one of the Loire’s most discreet vignerons, at the little church in the village of Chahaignes. We followed him through a number of lanes into the woods, arriving at the entrance to a small cave. Candles were lit and we stepped out of the rain and into the tuffeau, spending the next few hours tasting his subtle, moving wines.

A native of Touraine, Thierry comes from a family of vignerons and travelled the world working in vineyards before returning to the Loire and working alongside the likes of Eric Nicolas and Jean-Pierre Robinot, whilst teaching at the Lycée Viticole in Amboise. He spent several years acquiring tiny parcels of the oldest vines he could find and in 2009 began making his own wine.

He now farms two and half hectares of old vines of Chenin, Aunis and hybrids spread out in tiny parcels across the Sarthe, planted over a complex melange of clay, iron and silex. In addition to these, Thierry also keeps a couple of old parcels of Gamay planted over deep sand near his home in Touraine. Having grown up amongst the vines, he farms with a real respect for nature, with treatments kept to an absolute minimum and a focus on channelling the energy of these remarkable old plants.

In the cave, Thierry makes wine as they did in yesteryear, without electricity or running water, relying on a deft hand, great patience and the perfect conditions for élevage the tuffeau provides to produce achingly pure wines with a real capacity to age.