Sicily, Italy


Lamoresca Rosato 2023



Lamoresca Rosato 2023
Sicily, Italy

A blend of Nero d’Avola, Frappato and a touch of Moscato from both Filippo’s own vineyards and a friend’s vineyard in Vittoria, all planted over sandy soils. After just a few hours on the skins it is pressed to vats for a short rest and is bottled young, producing a generous rosato that is heady with orange blossom, zest and brine.

Nero d’Avola, Frappato, Moscato


Filippo Rizzo’s farm can be found lost amongst the rolling hills of Sicily’s rugged interior, the only reference point being the peak of Etna peering over the hills, somewhere in the distance.

Filippo grew up in the closest village to here, San Michele di Ganzaria and having run restaurants overseas, in 2000 he returned home to purchase a small piece of land home to an ancient variety of olives that give the farm its name. Today he farms a total of five hectares of vines, planted amongst twenty five hectares of olive groves, prickly pear, fruit and almond trees over found hundred metres above sea level. The elevation results in large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures – a real boon in this typically Mediterranean climate.

The vineyards are planted over clay, sandstone and silex and have been worked organically from the outset. This is a farm where biodiversity is truly cherished and in recent years, Filippo has begun replanting forests of carob, eucalyptus and ginesta next to the vines. Believing that good wine is made in the vines, in the cantina Filippo’s work is decidedly unfussy, resulting in pure, rustic and nourishing wines which speak loudly of Sicily.