Loire, France

La Petite Soeur

Les Justices 2021


Les Justices 2021
Loire, France

This easygoing expression of Chenin comes from a thirty year old parcel in Les Justices, a famous lieu-dit in Anjou planted over rocky schist. The grapes were pressed directly to cuve until the following summer making for a brilliant, golden wine with gentle notes of baked apple, sea salt and minerals. As versatile as it is delicious, this is a brilliant wine for the table.

Chenin Blanc


Originally from Brittany, Adrien de Mello travelled the world following a love of wine before settling in Anjou in 2015. He now farms four hectares of vineyards planted over schist in and around the village of Saint Aubin de Luigné.

The vines have been farmed organically for some time, but since settling here Adrien has taken things to the next level and in just a few years has gained both organic and biodynamic certification. He ploughs by horse and is passionate about foraging wild plants such as nettle, comfrey, yarrow and buckthorn to prepare teas to be used in the vineyards. His care and attention to detail here produce wines with great clarity and a startling purity of fruit.

In the cellar Adrien’s work is defined by a lightness of touch that is characterised by gentle extractions to reveal just enough detail and nuance from the grapes, and a focus on expressing the perfume of each variety whilst harnessing the incredible character that schist brings.

Fresh, fragrant and invigorating, Adrien’s wines offer a highly original expression of the part of Anjou he calls home.

Photo: Varda Wine