Hérault, France

Les Petites Mises

Les Petites Mises Rouge 2019



Les Petites Mises Rouge 2019
Hérault, France

A blend of Syrah and Carignan from vines young and old planted over clay and limestone soils. The former was picked first, destemmed and fermented on the skins for around three weeks, before being pressed and blended with the Carignan. After around a week, the wine was pressed, resting for nearly four years in a combination of glass demijohns and terracotta amphorae. A deeper, more mature expression of site, here dark, brambly fruits are framed by just the right amount of tannin, herbs and spice.

Carignan, Syrah


Nathalie Guillevic and Étienne Granier farm four hectares of vines hidden amongst woodlands in Quarante, a tiny village northwest of Béziers in the Hérault.

Having developed an interest in the kind of wines we love whilst living in Provence and the Ardèche in 2017 they decided to settle here, drawn to the region’s natural beauty, grape varieties and terroir.

The vines are planted over clay and limestone. The oldest are over a hundred years old and have been farmed organically for almost thirty years. The two work with a real attention to detail in the vineyards, which are treated only with a little copper, sulphur, herbal teas and essential oils.

The grapes are harvested early in the morning, destemmed by hand in the afternoon and fermented in cuve. Once fermentation is finished, they are given a very gentle press to either fifty-four litre glass demijohns or large ceramic jars to rest. Exercising great patience, Nathalie and Etienne bottle the wines in small lots only when they feel they are ready, by gravity and with no additions.

Resolutely southern in spirit, Nathalie and Étienne’s wines carry a rare sense of clarity and focus. Built on a backbone of pristine, characterful fruit, they offer a beautiful vision of grapes and place.