Roussillon, France

Vinyer de la Ruca

Orcio Judas 2019


Orcio Judas 2019
Roussillon, France

Carignan from a fifty year old vineyard planted over sandstone northwest of Perpignan in Latour-de-France. This ferments on skins for two weeks, is destemmed by hand and pressed off into a single two hundred litre amphorae for nine months. A singular, vivid expression of this wonderful grape.



Vinyer de la Ruca is the project of Manuel Di Vecchi Staraz, a young guy from Tuscany who looks after old vines of Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre a few hundred metres from the Mediterranean in the Pyrénées.

The fruit grows wild on sheer shale terraces along walls of dry stone. It is battered by wind from the sea and soaked in Mediterranean sun. The vines are tended without machines or chemicals, by hand and mule.

Crops are low, grapes are crushed by foot, de-stemmed by hand and fermented naturally and the wines are bottled with no additions at all. Manuel’s wines from this site have a concentration and intensity of flavour that is thrillingly unique.

In recent years, Manuel has joined up with some friends to make another collection of wines from organic vineyards under the name Tutti Frutti Ananas. As the name suggests, these wines, though made in the same spirit, are the kind of easygoing, breezy wines that the guys like drinking day to day.