Piedmont, Italy

Cascina Tavijn

Ottavio A.VinGarde 2019


Ottavio A.VinGarde 2019
Piedmont, Italy

A pet nat made from a gentle maceration of Nadia’s Grignolino and peaches found around the vineyards. The two spent two weeks together, before being pressed to bottle to finish fermentation. A gorgeous shade of pink, with vibrant bubbles and pure fruit, this makes for a joyful start or finish to any meal. We recommended storing this one vertically, serving cold & opening slowly as it is a lively one!

Grignolino, Peaches


Nadia Verrua’s family has been making wines in the hills of Monferrato in the province of Asti for over a century.

Their ten hectares of land are farmed organically and split equally between vines bearing local grape varieties and hazelnut trees. It’s little secret that Nadia’s mum Teresa makes one of the best torta di nocciole in all of Piemonte.

Things have always been done properly here and it shows. The fruit comes from healthy vines planted on soft, sandy slopes and the resulting wines are charming, rustic and pure.

In the cantina the wines are fermented with wild yeasts and raised in a mixture of big old botti, fibreglass and cement. The idea is not to add too much, not to take away, and the resulting wines are joyful and delicious, a pleasure to drink.