Piedmont, Italy


Ri Fol Rosato 2022


Ri-Fol Rosato 2022
Piedmont, Italy

This beautiful sparkling rosato is made up mostly of Moscato that begins fermentation in concrete, before Ezio adds a dash of Freisa just before the wine is bottled with a little must from the same harvest. A gorgeous, pale shade of pink in the glass, the gentle fizz carries delicate notes of red berries, blood orange and sea salt.

Moscato, Freisa


Ezio Cerruti has six hectares of vines surrounding his home in the commune of Castiglione Tinella, about halfway between Asti and the Langhe.

Ezio is one of the kindest, gentlest people we know, a man who is happiest growing grapes, making wine and doing things the right way. Principally, he works with just one grape, Moscato, and loves to show it in each and every guise.

The vines are up to seventy five years old planted on steep slopes of limestone around four hundred metres above sea level. Unusually for the area, he has farmed organically from outset and the trees and wildflowers between the rows offer encouragement in an area where conventional farming and monoculture is the norm.

In the cantina he exercises a gentle touch and in the case of his remarkable passito, Sol, great patience. Whether sparkling or still, dry or sweet, when you open a bottle from Ezio, you’ll be sure to find an uplifting wine of real harmony, where fruit, flowers, salt and spice intertwine.