Lazio, Italy


Rosa Trilli 2022



Rosa Trilli 2022
Lazio, Italy

Sangiovese from Orvieto, which spent three days on skins before pressing to vats until the following spring. A gleaming shade of ruby, this draws you in with joyful notes of wild strawberry and herbs. Featherweight on the palate, it possesses a pleasant blood orange bitterness that offers refreshment in spades.



We have known Trish for the best part of a decade and it is safe to say that she is one of the most curious, energetic and enthusiastic people we have ever met.

By her early twenties she had already lived in half a dozen different countries across four continents. Having fallen in love with the food and wine of Italy she decided to move there to learn more and never left. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she travelled all over the country spending time with its most talented artisans and notably spent several years living, working and learning alongside two of our most influential producers, Cantina Giardino and Le Coste.

She now lives in a small cottage in Località Gazzetta on the hills above the village of Bolsena in Lazio’s north. In this beautiful spot with views across Lago di Bolsena she farms two hectares of old vineyards.

The lake is one of the largest volcanic lakes in Europe and is blessed with a unique microclimate due to the special wind patterns created by this great mass of water as it heats and cools. The vineyards sit between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennine Mountains, which make for a temperate climate kept fresh by mountain breezes. The soils, mainly ash and sand of volcanic origins, possess a compelling minerality that each variety expresses differently.

In recent years Trish has been joined by her partner Piero, a gifted musician who has spent the past decade or so tending several remote, beautiful parcels just over the hill from Trish’s vines and together they make a formidable team. As well as grapes they grow olives, cherries, figs and pears and keep bees. They farm organically, with a real focus on biodiversity, employing herbal teas from local plants such as nettle, dandelion, willow and chamomile in their work.

In a simple cantina in a nearby town, grapes are fermented and aged in a variety of vessels with nothing added at any stage.

Like Trish and Piero, the wines are joyful and full of life. They are pure, nourishing wines to be enjoyed everyday.