Brussels, Belgium

Brasserie Cantillon

Sang Bleu


Sang Bleu
Brussels, Belgium

A relatively new creation made in tiny quantities, this sees lambics of various ages infused with blue honeysuckle, or haskap berries. The result is something thrillingly unique – a deep, inky and bittersweet beer that offers a remarkable amount of depth and complexity, producing something truly one of a kind.

Please note there is a limit of one bottle per person.

Blue honeysuckle berries


Undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest breweries, Brasserie Cantillon was founded in Brussels in 1900 and has been considered one of the finest producers of traditional lambic ever since.

Today, fourth generation brewer Jean Van Roy is at the helm and the brewery has never been in safer hands. While working with the utmost respect for tradition, Jean has refused to stand still, converting the brewery to organics and continuing to release a dizzying number of new cuvées, which include fascinating collaborations with some of Europe’s great vignerons.

In essence, the beers are made the same way they always have been here. Wild fermented in open top vats and aged in old wooden casks, lambics of different ages are often blended and sometimes infused with berries, stone fruit, grapes, marc or hops, producing pure, vibrant beers of kaleidoscopic complexity.