Jura, France

Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques

Vin Dzi 2022


Vin Dzi 2022
Jura, France

A blend of equal parts of Chardonnay and Savagnin from their three parcels in Arbois, Molamboz and Montigny-lès-Arsures. Half is pressed directly, whilst the remainder is destemmed and added to the vat to infuse for three weeks before being pressed off to cuve for a year of rest. Reflecting the vintage, this is already so open and expressive, pairing ripe fruit, citrus, stones and a touch of spice to beautiful effect.

Please note there is a limit of one bottle per customer.

Chardonnay, Savagnin


Both natives of the Jura, Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques are making some of the most exciting wines in all of the region.

Between them they have worked alongside some of the region’s great vignerons in Brignot, Bornard, Overnoy and Tissot. In 2011 they acquired a tiny parcel in Arbois and began making a small amount of wine for themselves and since 2013 they have sold a little of it to a lucky few. Today they farm just over a hectare of vines spread over tiny parcels around their home in Molamboz, as well as nearby in Arbois and Montigny-lès-Arsures.

Their work in the vineyards displays the utmost respect for nature. Biodiversity is cherished, treatments are rarely used and the soil is worked by horse. In the small cellar that adjoins their home, they work gently, without pumps, temperature control, filtration or any additions in the hope of offering as pure a reflection of place as possible.

The resulting wines are amongst the most pure, vibrant and original of all of the Jura. They feel decidedly handmade, with textures, aromas and energy that are hard to find.